YouTube: Job Hunters


Job Hunters CastJob Hunters is a web series created by YouTuber Kristina Horner. The concept of the show is that in the near future there is a job crisis. MAEWIN is an organisation trying to control the job situation. People must kill each other every day in the ARENA. They stay at the MAEWIN mansion while they survive, waiting for a job offer.

The series became increasingly popular in its first season, and now it’s surviving into its second.

The channel’s ‘about’ section has this description of the show: ‘Welcome to MAEWIN. The Mandatory Arena Education Worldwide Initiative. It’s not who you know… but how you kill. Job Hunters is a dystopian comedy web series set in the near future about a world in which college graduates are sent to report to MAEWIN – a program designed to match recruits with jobs based on their ability to fight their peers in an arena from 9-5 each day. These recruits then spend their time off living together in government sanctioned safe houses. If you like other web series such The Guild, Husbands, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries or Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, you’ll love Job Hunters’.

I enjoy the series a lot; it has such a great team in front of and behind the camera. They really care about the show they’re making, with their limited resources, and it really shows through. I totally recommend this web series. It’s original. It’s interesting. The concept is great. And I love it.


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