Monthly Archives: June 2015

I’m coming back!


Hello everyone,

First I must offer an apology for having not posted at all over the past couple of months. In my defence, I had very little time or thinking space while revising and completing my final A-Level exams. But now that they’re over and summer has begun I’m very eager to resume my posts on here and I’m excited to begin writing and recommending again. I thought I may have to change how often I post but you’ll be happy to know, I hope, that my schedule remains as Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I’ve been blogging for a year now and over that time I’ve learnt what I’m realistically able to post about and how often I can post to be able to keep my blog running for longer than a few weeks. This is why my schedule over this time has decreased from a post every day to three days a week instead. Trial and error as they say.

I’ll be posting within the next week I hope you will still join me here and enjoy what I’ve got to say. Thank you all so much, I’m so grateful for the support.