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Beauty and Hair: Bristow’s Shine Spray


Shine Spray Close UpLet’s talk about something hair related…

Today I want to recommend Bristow’s Shine Gloss Booster. This product basically gives your hair a much shinier look as soon as you use it. The product works as a spray, you can use as much or as little as you like. I tend to use this on wet or dry hair by just spraying on the top and underneath of my hair, I then take a brush or a comb and work the product through my hair and leave it to dry. As soon as it is dry there are noticeable results. My friends and my family have noticed my shinier hair when I use the shine spray and I know it gives my hair a much healthier and alive appearance. It also helps tame frizz and leaves the hair super soft and what makes it even better is that I found this in Poundland, so it only cost me a pound! A pound for such a renowned brand and a great product = perfect.