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Book: The Matched Trilogy


‘Cassia Reyes has always been a believer in The Society. They have the system set up so you don’t even have to make a decision. Your job, your perfect match, everything will be taken care of for you. When she is Matched with her childhood best friend Xander nothing could be more perfect. However, when she goes to view the microcard of information on Xander that the society gives her, it isn’t Xander’s face that originally appears. It’s another boy from her neighbourhood, Ky.

When Cassia starts paying attention to Ky she also starts falling in love with him. How could this be? The Society is supposed to be infallible. However, once she starts to see one flaw, many others become apparent’ (credit: click link) matched-trilogy

I’ve recently finished reading the Matched Trilogy (Matched, Crossed and Reached) by Ally Condie. I had read the first book, Matched, shortly after it first came out and I absolutely loved it but I wasn’t able to continue the trilogy since the other books hadn’t come out. I decided to wait until they were all out to pick up the trilogy again and it has taken me a little while to do so. Despite this, when I finally picked them up I powered through the story and really enjoyed it.

The books are dystopian in genre, which at the time when I read the first book wasn’t so popular or well-known as it has become now, with trilogies such as The Hunger Games. I haven’t read any other dystopian novels yet but I think that the Matched trilogy allows newcomers to the genre to be eased in.

I really enjoyed the characters. This includes Cassia, Xander and Ky. The narrative follows these character’s journeys’ individually and in regards to their relationships within the group.

Condie wrote the books fascinatingly with the first book speaking from Cassia’s perspective, the second book seeing both Cassia’s and Ky’s perspectives and the third book seeing Cassia’s, Ky’s and Xander’s perspectives, which I believe makes for a very interesting read, with many interweaving layers, and stops any boredom that may come from following the one character the entire time. Although I did get confused at several points while switching between narratives, I think this works well and keeps the readers on their toes.

In terms of the trilogy as a whole, I found Matched, the first book, to be quite slow in its initial development and perhaps the first book can only be regarded as the foundation to rest of the story as, in contrast, later on in the trilogy, Reached, is fast paced and has a lot happening.

I recommend this trilogy and I hope that if you pick it up that you enjoy it!


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