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Music: Top 5



  1. Tessa Violet’s Sorry I’m Not Sorry

  1. Bring Me The Horizon’s Follow You

  1. Shawn Mendes’ Stitches

  1. Jack Savoretti’s Catapult

  1. One Direction’s History


Books: Remember, Remember


Book WholeThe book I’ve been enjoying this week is Remember, Remember (The Fifth of November): The History of Britain in Bite-Sized Chunks by Judy Parkinson (published in 2008). I picked up this book from The Works (UK book store) and I was interested in it because it’s about history, which I like, and it seemed like a good-sized book, at 191 pages, to just pick up as and when.

I think the book is very good. It gives very brief summaries of historical events but it manages to keep in all the necessary information in for those readers who know absolutely nothing about the event they’re reading about. Although, clearly a book of its size and concept doesn’t have in-depth descriptions for events but it does manage to allow for further reading and for further research if something interesting crops up or for a reader who wants to study a specific event more deeply.

The book is organised into eras such as The Dark Ages, Tudor Britain, Victorian Britain, The First World War and The Second World War. In each era, there are pages of events in chronological order of course, and each event is kept to one side of a page. This allows for learning the history of Britain in a short time and in short brief sections but also allows the book to be put down after reading about one event and not being lost when coming back to read the next. This also means that if one event is particularly boring or not quite what the reader wants, they’ll quickly be onto the next event which will hopefully be more interesting.

As a non-fiction book, I think this is a very cleverly written book which allows for a huge target audience from history enthusiasts to those who have a basic historical knowledge. I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to start looking into the history of Britain, or just wants a brief outlook of the topic.