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YouTube: J.Lynn Johnston


JlynnNow, last Thursday I recommended the band Mad at Gravity and within that, if you have read that blog post, you’d have noticed I raved about their vocalist quite a lot. That is because I have become a massive fan of J.Lynn Johnston through his career as a musician and vlogger on YouTube.

I must admit that as J.Lynn gains more responsibilities in his life such as his current work for a Marketing Agency, he doesn’t manage to update his YouTube channels that often and it has been two years since he updated his Music channel. Fortunately, his faithful viewers can guarantee to see J.Lynn during VEDA (Vlog EveryDay in April) and for the occasional bird or motorcycle centred vlog. Despite his absences, J.Lynn admits he is still very passionate about his music and is hoping to continue that which I truly hope he does.

On that note, it is time for me to rave about J.Lynn’s beautiful singing voice. He honestly has the voice of an angel. There is little more to say than that. So before I start repeating myself, I’m going to leave this short and sweet and instead give you tonnes of examples of J.Lynn’s music and videos:

Please take the time to visit J.Lynn’s YouTube channels.


Disclaimer – I do not own the photo, it is from: https://plus.google.com/109459966730627712680/posts

Music: Mad at Gravity


Band Picture CD CoverMad at Gravity, albeit a very short-lived band, are worth recommending because they are genuinely and simply amazing. They were an active band from 2000, when they formed in Southern California, until their split in 2003. The band was made up of J.Lynn Johnston on vocals, James Lee Barlow on guitar, keyboard and backing vocals, Anthony Boscarini on guitar, piano and keyboards, Ben Froehlich on bass and finally, Jake Fowler on drums.

The band only managed to release one album, Resonance, under ARTISTdirect records. The album peaked at number 41 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Check out the band’s Wikipedia page to find out more.

What makes their music so beautiful is the clever combination of the instruments in complimenting J.Lynn’s beautiful voice. It is for this reason I think their music became so popular at the time and why I love it now but I do have to admit that, in my opinion, if it wasn’t for J.Lynn’s unique and powerful voice, the band would be another struggling rock band.

The band split up, according to their Wikipedia page, because J.Lynn left and the others failed to find a suitable replacement. Since then J.Lynn has continued his musical career but recently his music has become a hobby rather than his career although he still has a strong passion for it. J.Lynn has two YouTube channels which he occasionally updates, a channel for music and a channel for vlogs, it is from these that I first learnt about the band Mad at Gravity and it is the reason why I bought the band’s CD (which still available on Amazon).

These are some examples of Mad at Gravity’s music. The last video in these examples is one of J.Lynn’s solo tracks to show you all, my faithful followers, the absolute magic that his voice is…


Disclaimer: I do not own the band picture – it is from here: http://www.nyrock.com/reviews/2002/ovsms.asp