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Beauty/Fashion: Black Lace Box Clutch


bagI rarely buy a new bag, I suppose I’m just not that kind of girl, but this weekend I bought this amazing clutch/shoulder bag and I love it so much I just have to recommend it.

As you can see in the pictures, it is a black and rose gold rectangular shaped clutch. The black panels are faux leather with a layer of black lace on top. I’m a massive fan of lace detailing in clothes and accessories and so this is why the bag caught my eye as I walked past it in New Look. It is lined with black polyester material and it comes with a rose gold chain attached to the top to transform the clutch into a shoulder bag; this which can be removed easily at the users’ choice.DSCF1300

Although small, as clutches typically are, the bag can fit quite a bit in, such as a phone, a thin purse, lip stick and other smaller personal belongings.

Even better was the price… originally £15.99, I managed to pick up the bag while it had a 25% discount which made it £12 instead.

If you want to pick up your own for £12, you can find it here. http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/bags-and-purses/black-lace-box-clutch-_341299001


PS. I cannot apologise enough for missing Friday. I can’t believe I didn’t post! Here is the post I was supposed to put up two days ago! Please forgive me…

Beauty: Necklace Collection


Necklaces WholeSo similar to my beauty blog about a month ago, I want to show you my favourite parts of my necklace collection. I don’t wear necklaces too often, as I don’t wear much jewellery that often but for some reason I can’t stop buying them. Again, I want to show you my favourite necklaces so that maybe you can buy them, find something similar, get inspired or just be plain nosey.

I’m going to refer to the numbers on the pictures as I talk about each piece:

  1. This was a wonderful present from my Grandma. It is, as I’m sure you can see, a rabbit with a tiny rose. We were shopping in New Look and I saw this necklace, I think it was on offer, but I decided not to buy it since I was already buying other things. She slipped it into her shopping, I didn’t know at all, and surprised me with it afterwards.
  2. This is actually three necklaces. The two on the right, the jigsaw pieces, were bought for me, on my birthday I think, by my wonderful best friend and she gave me them both. This year, I felt bad for not splitting up the pair between us and instead got a brand new set of friendship necklaces, as I’d already gotten so attached to the other two, which means, the one on the left, the little man, is my one from the pair and she has the other. I got the little man necklace from Claires.
  3. A little BEST sheep. I assume this is from a pair like the ones above. My friend gave me this necklace as a Christmas present and I just adore it.
  4. I absolutely love this necklace. I think it’s so unique and as a fan of TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer it’s very apt in representing my love of that. I recently wore it to a Vampire/Gothic party I had with my English Literature group at the end of the school year in July. I have a feeling that I bought it from Claires but I don’t remember.
  5. Two necklaces. These were both bought for me from another of my friends but on seperate occasions, I believe Christmas and then my Birthday. They both have super long black chains, one has a strawberry charm and one has a beautiful bird. I love these so much.
  6. Finally, this necklace is a lovely little locket that I have had for so many years and it has a lot of meaning to me purely because of that. I got it with a diary or book of some sort that I bought in Primary School and have had it ever since.

That’s it. Not much more to say really. I do realise most of these were bought for me and that’s because I do genuinely regard these and others that my friends or family have bought me as my favourites. Not only do they know exactly what I like but the pieces just hold so much more value when they have that meaning behind them.


Fashion: My Favourite Rings + Tip!


For this Monday recommendation, I want to show you my favourite parts of my ring collection. Rings are a very important aspect to fashion and to many outfits. They are also my favourite type of jewellery. Many of the rings I buy are rather cheap, or were on offer as I don’t really have a lot of money spare to just spend on jewellery rather than books and clothes for school or something but I wanted to show you my favourites, so that maybe you can buy them, find something similar, get inspired or just be plain nosey.

I’m going to refer to the numbers on the pictures as I talk about each ring:

  1. Yes, this is two rings but they were both bought at the same place, albeit years apart, but still bought at the same place. I got these rings 1from The Deep (an aquarium in Hull, England). They are colour changing mood rings, probably meant for children and not people of my age, but I love them. Now because all my rings are cheap, I fully expect the plating to rub away and for the copper underneath to cause a green stain. The one on the right has done this after many wears but the one on the left which I have owned for much longer and therefore worn a lot more has never done this; I don’t even think the coating has worn at all which is amazing.
  2. This is a recent purchase. I bought this ring from a Chinese store on EBay. I’ll try and enter a link here to their shop. I got three rings, for varying low prices, and they seem super good quality considering. Anyway, this ring, for those who can recognise it is supposed to resemble the Harry Potter Horcrux ring. I gave these as presents to two of my friends as well.
  3. I call this ring my hipster ring because it has a picture of Jesus on it but as I’m a Christian it does mean a lot to me. I think it’s a very modern way to represent my faith and I just think its super pretty. I got this ring from New Look.rings 2
  4. This ring is a really cool statement ring. It is, as you can see, a locket, and I think this is just a really good idea, lockets are great on necklaces but you can’t really see the picture inside when it’s round your neck but on your finger you can always open the locket and look inside. This was bought from the UK Drugstore Boots.
  5. This last ring is another recent purchase, also from the Chinese store above on EBay. Now this has to be my favourite right now of all six rings. I think it looks interesting, is unique and it was super cheap. It also goes with any outfit and can dress up any outfit.

My TIP for never getting green copper stains again and for being able to wear metals you’re allergic to is… Before you start wearing any ring, as soon as you’ve bought it, get some clear nail polish and paint the inside of the ring. This then creates an extra coating to stop you from wearing the metal down and getting to the copper inside but also creates a barrier between your skin and the metal meaning that if you are allergic to any types of metal, you can now wear jewellery. I learnt this tip from a fashion guru on YouTube so her channel will be linked here.