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Other: 5 Significant Places (TAG)


I’m doing ‘The Significant Places Tag’ as created by Actor and YouTuber Jonathan Vickers. To see his video, click here. The reason why I’m doing this tag is 1. It’s a great idea and 2. To enter Jonny’s competition that he mentioned in his latest video (click here).

kkjjI recently moved to Sheffield to study at one of the universities here. I’ve only been here little over a month but the point of the tag is to suggest my most significant places where I live.

 Place Number One: The Peace Gardens (Image left)

According to the internet (see my source here) the Peace Gardens ‘are an award-winning public space situated along Pinstone Street’.

When I was first finding my way around Sheffield I found The Peace Gardens and I was captivated by them. It is extremely pretty and calming and something I was not expecting to find in the middle of the city. It’s also situated in front of a beautiful, grand, old building which makes me love it even more.

I just want to visit the gardens whenever I get the chance whether I go to read, go for a walk, go to have a picnic, anything and I especially can’t wait to see it during the summer.

Place Number Two: The City Centre (Image right)sdsdf

Every city has one but I love Sheffield’s City Centre. Like you’d expect it has loads of shops but it is incredibly pretty. I love pretty buildings (as you may have gathered) and Sheffield has a mixture of old and new buildings, a mix of ancient with modern, and I find this brilliant. It is so beautiful and I love looking around in this area and showing people around who have come to visit me,dgddfgs such as friends and family.

Place Number Three: The Hubs

This building, known as The Hubs, or the Kettles due to its design, is my Student’s Union. Again, the building is really interesting. As you can see from the images (left), it is composed of four ‘kettle’ like structures, each a ‘pod’ inside. On the bottom floor, there’s the bar, the shop/café and the student union’s offices. Upstairs you have the common room, the ‘stage’ and the advice centre. The reason why I like this place is firstly due to its atmosphere. It’s a friendly place to be since you’re surroundedRed_Lion_Sheffield by people like yourself and people who understand the student lifestyle. Additionally, it’s the place where I meet up with my Society, the Harmonies, which I have been really enjoying. It’s therefore the place where I took a leap and tried something new and made some new friends.

Place Number Four: The Red Lion Pub (Image right)

Very simply, this is a nice, quiet local’s pub located in the middle of many of my university buildings. It’s where I met a close friend of mine who I see almost every day now, and it’s the source of good memories during my fresher’s week – where it all started.

Place Number Five: Sheffield Hallam University (Image left)

4186295025The university had to be part of my significant places tag since it’s the reason why I moved to Sheffield. It’s the reason I decided to move out from my parents house and the reason I tore myself from that comfort zone to begin the multitude of challenges that comes with moving to a new city and being a student. I haven’t regretted it yet, so that must be good. I’m also really enjoying my course here at Hallam as a Media Student.

So that’s it and while I don’t know about too much of Sheffield yet, I am really enjoying the atmosphere and the beauty of this city and I can’t wait to embark on the next three years of exploring this place and in studying for my degree, which without the aim of getting, I may have never lived in Sheffield and may have never gotten the chance to explore what this city has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed,


PS. 1 – If you want to see the recommendation blog I posted about Jonny’s YouTube channel, you can check it out here. 2 – Sorry, that my blog post was not up yesterday (and is late up today), but my uni work had to come first! I’m sorry!

Disclaimer – I do not own all of the images in this post, they are from:
THE HUBS http://www.nus.org.uk/en/students-unions/sheffield-hallam-university-union-of-students/ and https://www.flickr.com/photos/clydehouse/309030473
RED LION http://www.perfectpint.co.uk/pubs/the-red-lion-sheffield
SHEFFIELD HALLAM http://www.abbietaylorcooper.co.uk/saturday-art-club-sheffield-hallam-university/
However, some of the pictures I did take myself.

Tech: HP Envy Printer


Today I’m recommending a printer. Yes, you read that right… a printer. The reason for this is that I’m currently preparing to move for university. I decided that I wanted to buy myself a new printer, perfect for me and perfect for uni life, largely so that I don’t have to worry about printing off my work in time for deadlines or worry about my own personal printing (such as pictures for my scrapbook).

Additionally, I thought this post could be helpful for anyone else looking to buy a printer, as a uni student or not, since the experience of shopping for any technology can be daunting and overwhelming.

The printer I bought is a HP Envy 4507 from the HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One Series.

I decided early on that I wanted a HP printer once I was informed about their new service, HP Instant Ink, which allows you to sign up for a subscription service that basically ensures you never run out of ink. There are three packages that you sign up for, the 50 page plan (£1.99), the 100 page plan (£3.49) and the 300 page plan (£7.99). Each you pay for monthly.

It works by telling HP when you’re running low on ink and they’ll send you your cartridges for a much cheaper price, as you can tell; many printer ink cartridges are upwards of £20 as it is. However, if you chose to buy your cartridges as and when you need them, the ones compatible for the HP Envy 4507 are approximately £16 to buy.HPInstantInk2

Leading on from being able to select a plan, to help keep printing costs low, my printer came with two cartridges (as you would expect) and 2 months free on the Instant Ink 100-page plan. After these two months are up, I can easily change the package I use, if I feel I need to, to a smaller or a larger one.

So about the printer itself? I wanted a colour all-in-one printer with only two ink cartridges. The HP Envy 4507 offers this. It can also work wirelessly. It allows you to print normal documents and photos, which for someone creative like me, with hobbies doing photography and scrapbooking, I find very useful. As well as the 2 free months on HP Instant Ink, the printer came with a pack of HP photo paper. Additionally, once I had put the first two cartridges in, I was ‘rewarded’ for using genuine HP ink by them giving me access to the HP photo creations software.

I found the HP photo creations software to be extremely good, it gives templates to create photo books for example, and I can’t wait to use it more.

To sum up, the printer is excellent, great printing quality, great colour, great deal via HP instant ink and amazing free photo software all for a great price at £49.99 from PC World.

There is little else to say, except that if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll answer as best I can as soon as possible.


Disclaimer 1 – I do not own the above images, they are from: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/printers-scanners-and-ink/printers/hp-envy-4507-all-in-one-wireless-inkjet-printer-10076742-pdt.html#srcid=11026 and http://h20435.www2.hp.com/t5/The-Next-Bench-Blog/HP-Instant-Ink-Ink-that-thinks-for-you/ba-p/83505#.VfBH7PlViko
Disclaimer 2 – I am not sponsored for this post, I genuinely wanted to recommend my printer since so far I am having a good experience with it.