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Christmas: Gift Guide (Male|Stocking Fillers)


 For today’s gift guide I want to show you some potential stocking fillers for under £10. This one is going to lean more towards male appropriate gifts but that isn’t to say that you can’t buy a female some of these2 things. To be honest, I pretty much love everything in this blog post for myself and I’m a girl. If you want to see my l1ast three gift guides, from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, just scroll down on the home page. To find the items I’m recommending, click the orange links that will be displayed on certain words.

Wilko’s have a really great Christmas range this year and so I’m going to be recommending quite a few products from them. Let’s start with the Urban Boom Box Speaker for £10. It works with any smartphone and is shaped like an 80’s boom box, hence the name. In the same ‘Urban’ range is this USB Light for £5 which comes in the shape of a stage light.

For the DIY king, you may 3want to get your male relative or friend the Mr Multi-4 Tool (‘compiled of 1x pliers, wire cutter, serrated blade, handy knife, flat head & cross head screwdriver with LED torch’) for only £3. From the same ‘Classic Gentlemen’ range you could also buy a Mini Pool Table for £5.

For the aspiring writers you may feel like a journal is the best 6stocking filler, I’ve found one, A6 in size, from Debenham’s for £8. Alternatively,  for when they fee5l stuck with writer’s block or just want a good rage you could give them Wreck this Jou7rnal (‘to create is to destroy’) for £6.29 from Waterstones.

For the more fashionable of men, you may want to buy them this edgy Urban Male Black Leather Necklace with Feather Skull Pendants for £6.74 from Tesco Direct.

Next, this item from IWOOT is quite simple but will provide hours of fun. It is Tetris Magnets – perfect for those of us who are easily entertained or for those who want to leave interesting images on their fridge door8s for their house mates. 9

Finally, my last stocking filler is the Lynx Attract Duo Pack since every gift guide needs an example of this years bath/fragrance stuff. The one I found is from Wilko’s for £3.65.

Hopefully, this has helped you if you want something fun and affordable to put into your friends and relatives’ stockings.



1. Some of my inspiration came from Fleur’s gift guide:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbW1GFlZLzM

2. All images in this post came from the links already inserted – I do not own these pictures.

3. I am not sponsored by any of these companies nor have I been asked to comment on these products.

Music: Nostalgic Music Top 6


Hello, another Top 5 (or 6). There are six because I’m indecisive. I apologise for another random list, but to be honest, I’ve not had much musical inspiration lately. So, I’m going back in time a little to some of my favourite nostalgic tracks. Hope you enjoy!

Kiss Kiss by Holly Valance

All I Ever Wanted by Basshunter

Too Shy by Kajagoogoo

Every Breath You Take by The Police

Left Outside Alone by Anastacia

Died In Your Arms by Cutting Crew


Music: Troye Sivan


386dTroye Sivan is an Australian YouTuber. He was in XMen Origins: Wolverine as a young Wolverine. But I’m not talking about any of that today… I’m talking about his venture into the music industry.

Troye recently released his EP TRXYE, and by recently I mean a short while ago, as once again I’m late on the bandwagon. But I’m glad I finally gave into the hype and listened to his single ‘Happy Little Pill’ as it opened up a whole new world for me. I think Troye has a very unique sound and I love his songs so much.

This recommendation is going to be left short because there isn’t much more to say except to go find the EP on iTunes and listen for yourselves.

The music video for Happy Little Pill is below:


Disclaimer – I do not own the above picture, they are from: http://www.tubefilter.com/2014/07/24/troye-sivan-happy-little-pill-single-trxye/ and http://www.pagesdigital.com/listen-troye-sivan-happy-little-pill/

Music: Top 5


This week I’m giving you another Top 5…

Linkin Park – Guilty All The Same

Billie Piper – Day and Night

Chris Cornell – You Know My Name

EofE – Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Maroon 5 – Little Time of Your Life


Music: Hollywood Ending


hollywoodendingThis week’s music recommendation is the American/UK boy band Hollywood Ending. I found this band about two months ago as they supported McBusted on their arena tour around the UK. Out of the three support bands, Hollywood Ending was definitely the one that stood out. They have two albums already and are currently working on their third. Their songs are incredible and I absolutely love all of them, this isn’t a word of a lie, I honestly love all of their songs.

I’m now going to quote their website, as it probably sounds better than anything I could write about them, and it just tells you more about who they are and what they do: ‘Hollywood Ending is a pop-rock band formed in Summer 2011. The band consists of Tyler Wilson (Lead Vocals), Cameron Byrd (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Piano), Dan Geraghty (Vocals/Lead Guitar), and Chris Bourne (Vocals/Bass), all 18-21 years old. Hailing from all different parts of America and even the U.K., these boys met on Skype and came together with a shared dream of becoming big in the music industry. They got their start on Season 4 of Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing competition finishing in 3rd place. Since then they have appeared on many tours in the United States, Canada, and Europe opening for artists like The Janoskians, Austin Mahone, R5, Allstar Weekend, and many more. In Summer of 2012 they did their first headlining tour selling out shows across the US and Canada.’

They have a sound similar to McFly and Busted but with a mixture of more modern bands such as The Vamps and 5 Seconds of Summer. This to me just spells brilliance as these four bands are some of my favourites, McFly and Busted being my absolute favourite bands, so it was always likely that Hollywood Ending would be amazing. I really hope that big things come their way, as they certainly deserve it! Check ‘em out!

An example of their music is below:



P.S. Chris Bourne, Hollywood Ending’s bass guitarist, is the brother of James Bourne, a third of Busted and a sixth of the supergroup McBusted.

Disclaimer: I do not own the above picture, it from the bands website: http://hollywoodendingband.com/

Music: Top 5 Rock Tracks


Today, I’m gonna give you guys my Top 5 Rock tracks of right now. These aren’t really new tracks but as I’ve recently been listening to a couple non-stop and some I’ve never ever gotten bored of listening to, I thought they were worth recommending. Enjoy!


Music: Mad at Gravity


Band Picture CD CoverMad at Gravity, albeit a very short-lived band, are worth recommending because they are genuinely and simply amazing. They were an active band from 2000, when they formed in Southern California, until their split in 2003. The band was made up of J.Lynn Johnston on vocals, James Lee Barlow on guitar, keyboard and backing vocals, Anthony Boscarini on guitar, piano and keyboards, Ben Froehlich on bass and finally, Jake Fowler on drums.

The band only managed to release one album, Resonance, under ARTISTdirect records. The album peaked at number 41 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Check out the band’s Wikipedia page to find out more.

What makes their music so beautiful is the clever combination of the instruments in complimenting J.Lynn’s beautiful voice. It is for this reason I think their music became so popular at the time and why I love it now but I do have to admit that, in my opinion, if it wasn’t for J.Lynn’s unique and powerful voice, the band would be another struggling rock band.

The band split up, according to their Wikipedia page, because J.Lynn left and the others failed to find a suitable replacement. Since then J.Lynn has continued his musical career but recently his music has become a hobby rather than his career although he still has a strong passion for it. J.Lynn has two YouTube channels which he occasionally updates, a channel for music and a channel for vlogs, it is from these that I first learnt about the band Mad at Gravity and it is the reason why I bought the band’s CD (which still available on Amazon).

These are some examples of Mad at Gravity’s music. The last video in these examples is one of J.Lynn’s solo tracks to show you all, my faithful followers, the absolute magic that his voice is…


Disclaimer: I do not own the band picture – it is from here: http://www.nyrock.com/reviews/2002/ovsms.asp