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TV and Film: Gotham


545ddf9572315e8ee4634a61409644d5Today I’m recommending the TV series Gotham. It’s never too late to pick up a TV show especially this one as it’s only recently finished its first season rather successfully.

I began watching Gotham because I enjoy the whole Batman universe and I have done since watching the Tim Burton movies and the modern trilogy by Chris Nolan. Suffice to say I’m excited for 2016’s Batman Vs Superman.

The series has a really interesting context, acting as a prequel to the Batman story that pretty much everyone already knows. Since everyone already knows about Bruce Wayne’s upbringing and – SPOILER – his parents’ murders the show takes the interesting viewpoint of a Mr Jim Gordon. For those of you who don’t know, or have forgotten, Jim Gordon is a police acquaintance of Batman who always works on Batman/Bruce Wayne’s side.

So the series starts with Jim Gordon in his new role as Gotham Police Detective alongside his new partner Harvey. He sets out to rid Gotham of its corruption and its dishonesty but struggles against a city which is basically run by two sets of rich mobsters who have very serious and very violent rivalries.

Gotham shows the beginnings of other well-known Batman characters such as; Bruce Wayne, Scarecrow, The Joker, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, Harvey Dent (Two Face), Ed Nigma (Riddler) and especially Penguin. However, even if you don’t know a thing about Batman you can still watch this show, seriously, you don’t need prior knowledge at all to understand the story lines or anything else.

The show has the format, which a lot of new US shows at the moment have, in that: a new case is brought about, say a murder, and is solved in each episode. This is very similar to Elementary, a relatively new show itself. These shows seem to be quite popular at the moment, so if you like that kind of show, Gotham has that element too.

It has come to my attention that the makers are going to be making a second series, which I’m really excited for  so that I can see how these characters develop more, despite the fact I know what they’ll ‘grow up’ to be from following Batman already.

If you like the sound of it, go check it out… and enjoy!


Disclaimer – I do not own the above image, it is from: https://www.behance.net/gallery/19007077/Gotham-Poster-Contest.

YouTube: Job Hunters


Job Hunters CastJob Hunters is a web series created by YouTuber Kristina Horner. The concept of the show is that in the near future there is a job crisis. MAEWIN is an organisation trying to control the job situation. People must kill each other every day in the ARENA. They stay at the MAEWIN mansion while they survive, waiting for a job offer.

The series became increasingly popular in its first season, and now it’s surviving into its second.

The channel’s ‘about’ section has this description of the show: ‘Welcome to MAEWIN. The Mandatory Arena Education Worldwide Initiative. It’s not who you know… but how you kill. Job Hunters is a dystopian comedy web series set in the near future about a world in which college graduates are sent to report to MAEWIN – a program designed to match recruits with jobs based on their ability to fight their peers in an arena from 9-5 each day. These recruits then spend their time off living together in government sanctioned safe houses. If you like other web series such The Guild, Husbands, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries or Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, you’ll love Job Hunters’.

I enjoy the series a lot; it has such a great team in front of and behind the camera. They really care about the show they’re making, with their limited resources, and it really shows through. I totally recommend this web series. It’s original. It’s interesting. The concept is great. And I love it.


Disclaimer – I do not own the photo, it is from: https://soundcloud.com/jordanbrokaw/job-hunters-paiges-dillema